Champagne for Breakfast (Pilot) - Script Upon Request

60 minute drama.
In the cutthroat beauty industry of Paris and New York, the last privately-owned fragrance house tries to restore their fractured family as they fight for the top position against the corporate houses. Inspired by a true story of working in the perfume industry.

Back in Town (Pilot) - Script Upon Request

30 minute comedy.
After years of struggling in NYC, 29-year old wildchild Freddie "retires" to her hometown of Ohio to reclaim her bestfriendship with newly married Lulu. Thelma & Louise meets Green Acres.

His & Hers (Pilot) - Excerpt

60 minute drama.
Nico Russo, a streetwise New Yorker looking for a fresh start, encounters a wealthy eccentric couple whom she suspects are manipulating the residents of a small Colorado town for an elaborate, secret game of their own design. The Blacklist meets Twin Peaks. - Written in partnership with Matt Cook

Spiritbound (Pilot) - Excerpt

44 minute procedural drama.
Nora Pell, a by-the-book city warden is forced to work with Cymon Xanderoth, a lazy, thieving sorcerer, to solve crimes of a mysterious nature committed in a city where magic is feared and forbidden. X-Files meets Game of Thrones. — Written in partnership with Matt Cook

The Keller War (Pilot) - Excerpt

44 minute comedic drama.
Two divorced parents, Audrey and Dean constantly try to one-up each other while raising their son Joseph "Joey" Keller, who eventually grows up to become a despotic war criminal. Veep meets Moonlighting.   — Written in partnership with Matt Cook

Nights in UltraViolet Season 2  (Web Series) - Episode 201 - Full Script

The second installment and conclusion to the first "Season" of Nights in UltraViolet. 1st episode of 10. — Written in partnership with Matt Cook